Market Reports

We produce detailed market reports to support our client in the bidding process or when considering investment opportunities. Our approach is two pronged: we go out and talk to the local agents and we analyse data to bring together a comprehensive report which benefits from expert local knowledge. We analyse demand, competition, tenant profiles and estimated rental values, amongst a variety of other factors.

Financial Modelling

It is crucial to understand what the projected costs and expected returns are for any prospective Build to Rent scheme. We calculate gross to net budgets, let up budgets, steady state budgets, void costings and set up budgets.

Design Advice

We work with the design team at the early stages to influence the design and mix with a focus on delivering a product that suits the market demand and considers the efficiency to improve returns.

Amenity and Services Advice

Integrating occupier services within the design and development process can add significant value. We provide advice on the best use of front and back of house space to enhance the occupiers’ experience.

Management Tenders

We run tenders to deliver the best management solution with a focus on delivering management services that enhance the long term reputation of the scheme.

Management Mobilisation

Developing a robust legal structure is one of the most important factors in safeguarding a long-term investment. We work closely with clients’ legal teams to review the draft leases and proposed legal structures.

Systems Advice

We can provide advice as to the most suitable management and communication systems to match the operational needs of a building and ensure that the management team are equipped with the right tools to run the scheme.