On 13th July, SAY attended the UK ULI Annual Summer Drinks held at The Collective Headquarters (“HQ”) in London. The Collective is a co-living, co-working property company founded in London to fill what CEO Reza Merchant feels is a void of high quality living environments for young people in London.

The theme for the drinks this year was health and wellbeing in which a panel were invited including Neil Pennell, Head of Engineering and Design at Land Securities, Victoria Lockhart, Director at the International WELL Building Institute, Sophy Moffat, Insight lead on Workplace Wellbeing, at Cushman & Wakefield and Philippa Gill, Partner at Verdextra, WELL AP and RESET ASP. The speakers discussed the importance of healthy buildings, wellness across the built environment and value derived from healthy developments. This included everything from; the urban form, colour theory, materials, branding, atmosphere, ventilation, lighting, renewables etc.

The chosen location of The Collective HQ was fitting considering the focus of the event was on well-designed spaces, innovative property solutions and the rise of Build to Rent developments. SAY met with a number of their clients and fellow real estate professionals which we are working with on important issues such as design, mobilisation and innovation in buildings.